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Where there are people, there is a place for music. 


Nige's unique ability to match playlists with locations and events has allowed him to play at everything from Festivals to Farmers Markets to No Lights No Lycra dance parties.


Whilst Deirdre is a Kombi child of the 70's she employs the latest in technology with an inverter and a solar panel not requiring mains power.  

The duo travel anywhere with a compact but powerful sound system along with a surfboard doubling as a desk for the DJ decks. 


Whilst Nige is known for his more traditional DJ work at clubs, hotels, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, it's his bespoke playlists for non-typical music events such as retail and corporate including  celebrations of life (funerals), music to suit your menu and coffee house beats that make him a standout performer.

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